Blogging, Revisited

So I know I've been misusing my blog. And to be honest, I hate the appearance of my blog. I'd really like something much simpler, cleaner. I'd like to trash this whole blog, and maybe eventually I will. But for now, too many of my customers know how to contact me through my blog only. As word gets out about my website and etsy shop, I'll eventually overhaul this whole thing. But for those of you who care and follow my blog, I'd like to turn this into a blog and not an advertising/marketing site.

That being's a little about myself and my journey in establishing Twysted Yarn. I'm a pretty simple girl. Grew up on a farm, taught myself how to crochet in high school. Became a teacher. Got married. Quit teaching when I had my first baby. Picked up crocheting again when I found out during my second pregnancy that I was expecting a girl. Taught myself how to crochet hats. Posted pics on facebook to see if my friends liked them. Had nearly 30 requests for hats within the first week. Decided to start a business. And two and half months later, I've made over 150 hats and am venturing into online selling and marketing. (Thus my etsy shop).

So since I'm a simple girl, I'm pretty content with being a mom and a wife, but I love having a hobby that allows me to make a little extra money on the side and helps to supplement our family's income. I'm really excited to work with one of my dear friends, Erin, at Erin Photography to create an image and branding that's unique and beautiful. I'm excited to provide beautiful gifts for my friends and family. I'm excited to share my gift with my customers and to create unique items for them.

And I'm excited to share the "look" that I'm going for. Thank you, Erin.

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