5K Giveaway Grand Finale Winners

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in my 5K Fans Giveaway! It was a huge success, and overall, 15 different people came away with prizes that totaled over $700! (Personally, I'm a fan of multiple winners). The following is a list of winners from the Grand Finale. Winners, I will be emailing you as well. You will have 48 hours to contact your vendor to claim your prize. If they haven't heard from you by Friday, February 24, I will draw a new winner for your prize.  

Splash of Color by the Moonlight $40----Sherri Lynn Brown Severns

Studio C 15 Custom Cards--Melissa Sanchez  

Two Peas Accessories 4 Headbands--Christopher Maniscalco  

Bricolage Girls Pocket Skirt--Bree Higgins  

Twysted Yarn Rustic Patriot Earflap Beanie--Danielle Scardine-Snyder  

Twysted Yarn Sage Earflap Beanie--April Gilbert  

Twysted Yarn Earth's Newsboy--Stephanie Hegland

 Newbie Noggins Shell Eaflap Hat--Erin Niekamp  

Newbie Noggins Landry Hat--Hilary Vanderpool

Be sure to check back later this week for my first blog post on my revamped blog. I'll be tackling the subject of "How to Start and Run a Successful 'Handmade' Business."

5K Fans Giveaway--Grand Finale

Day 5 Winner is Corinne Long!!  Email me at twystedyarn@yahoo.com to claim your prize! :

So I feel like I need to clarify. Apparently there's confusion on what steps need to be taken to enter the giveaway. There are mandatory steps and optional ones. The mandatory ones are the ones in bold that appear first and say, "Do these first ones to unlock the rest." Once you've done the mandatory ones (all Facebook-based), it opens the optional ones (these include twitter, pinterest, etc.). Since my giveaway is being announced on Facebook, I figured everyone will be able to enter through the mandatory steps. The optional steps are simply bonus; they put your name in the drawing even more. So please don't be upset or feel like you're being left out if you can't complete the optional steps. Everyone is able to enter through Facebook. :)


I've got some amazing vendors for you today, and there will be multiple winners!   The grand finale will run today-Monday, so you have 2 days to enter (and you can enter more than once per day!).  Please stop by these vendors' pages and THANK them for their generous donations!!

See below to enter!

Splash of Color by Moonlight --$40 Gift Certificate

Studio C --Your Choice of 15 Blank Greeting Cards from this Album

Bricolage Girls--Adorable Pocket skirt with a Kiss Patch in Girls Size 6/7 or 8/9

Two Peas Accessories --4 Headbands (2 more not pictured)

Twysted Yarn--All of the following:

Rustic Patriot Earflap Beanie--Winner chooses size newborn-preteen

Sage Earflap Beanie--Winner chooses size newborn-preteen

Earth's Newsboy--Size Teen/Women
Newbie Noggins: Both items below

Shell Earflap Beanie, size newborn

Landry Hat, size newborn

5K Fans Giveaway Day 5

Day 4 Winner is Melissa Bussinger. Congrats!! Email me at twystedyarn@yahoo.com to claim your prize.

Today is full of all kinds of goodies from some of my favorite people. Allow me to first introduce you to Liz from Fray Baby Bibs and More. I stumbled upon her adorable creations when I was pregnant with my first daughter and now own several of her lovelies (my favorites being her pillow case dresses). Liz donated an adorable "Fit and Flair" dress in winner's choice of size 6 mos-6 years.

I've had the privilege of getting to know these next few vendors beyond just business and am so thrilled they've agreed to be part of my giveaway. The uber-talented Monica from Mo and Ozzy Creative Crochet Hats and The Fine Lime is donating $15 to The Fine Lime for some gorgeous handspun yarn.

Gracie from Handmade Crochet Accessories is donating this adorable Sophia's Hat in winner's choice of size.

Lynette from Little Miss Crafty  is donating a Visor Brimmed Beanie in winner's choice of size, newborn through 4T (winner pays shipping). 

And finally, from my Newbie Noggins shop, this gorgeous Dusty Purple Pixie Bonnet with Fabric Ties, winner's choice of size newborn-12 mos.
 Please enter the giveaway below!!

5K Fans Giveaway--Day 4

Winner of Day 3: Dom Richardson. Congrats! Email me at twystedyarn@yahoo.com to claim your prize.

How cute are these adorable prizes? Some kiddo is going to be ecstatic to win this set including a Twysted Yarn Thomas the Train Hat and an amazing Toddler Thomas the Train Apron and Chef's Hat from Gramma's Hugs and Stitches.  Also included is this adorable puppy hat from BuggyD Creations in winner's choice of size.

So simple to enter. Simply follow the directions below to enter. The only mandatory entrances are to like each page on Facebook, but you can enter more than once by doing any of the extras. (If you're already a Facebook fan, you'll have to do one of the other things to enter). Simply check the box once you've done it and you're automatically entered.  The winner of these prizes will be announced on tomorrow's post.

FINE PRINT: Please read the terms and conditions at the bottom of the box. Thanks! :) 

5K Fans Giveaway--Day 3

Day 2 Winner: Melissa Langfield!! Email me at twystedyarn@yahoo.com to claim your prize. (You have 24 hours to claim your prize. After that, prize will be forfeited and awarded to a new winner!)

Today is all about accessories!  Accessorize with this awesome bracelet hair tie from Laynie & Belle.  Ashley is an awesome girl and momma and was local talent until she recently moved.  But as I said yesterday, I love supporting local talent!

Brittany from Georgia Couture is a photographer and an incredibly talented girl.  She makes gorgeous headbands and hair pieces.  I'm dying for you to visit her shop, Georgia Couture, to see what she has to offer.  AND she's giving away $20 to her shop!!

And finally, I can't wait to introduce you to Sarah from Sarah's Stitches.  Recently, she found her stride as she started creating and selling fabulous owl totes, and she's donating this adorable mini owl wallet. 

See below to enter today's fabulous giveaway.  Winner will be announced on tomorrow's post.

5K Fans Giveaway--Day 2

Winner of Day 1: Abigail Burnham. Email me at twystedyarn@yahoo.com within 24 hours to claim your prize. (Prize will be forfeited if I don't hear from you in that time frame).

I love finding and supporting local talent.  In fact, I intentionally seek out local photographers to work with and try to shop with local "handmade" vendors whenever possible.  Well, you can't get more local than this next girl.  Jessica lives in my neighborhood and became a stay-at-home mom at about the same time I did.   In fact, our husbands were working together and carpooling at the time.  So I'm excited to highlight her business, Cards by Jessica.  She's kindly donating a $15 gift certificate to her shop.

Along with these cards, I will be giving away a set of three Baby Soft headbands (size newborn), a Rose Cluster Beanie (size 2T-4T), and a Cranberry Lauren Headwrap with an Ivory Rose (size teen/women) because we have to have roses on Valentine's Day.  The winner of this prize will be announced on tomorrow's post and will have 24 hours to claim his/her prize.   Read below for info on how to enter.

5K Fans Giveaway--Day 1

I'm sooo excited to introduce you to Rachel from Trendy Ties.  She's incredibly talented and has some adorable products.  Have a little man in your life or know of someone expecting a baby boy?  You ABSOLUTELY MUST visit her page and shop!  Check out this little bow tie.  She'll be donating one of her bow ties to the winner of today's giveaway.  And I thought, what better to go w/ an adorable bow tie but my Newbie Noggins bestseller, my Little Man Newsboy (size 0-3 mos)?

PLEASE read below on how to enter!

5000 Fans Giveaway--LONG Overdue

Thanks so much for your patience while I was on maternity leave. I know you were dying for me to start this giveaway.  And I promised it would be huge.  

And so it is.

Not only do I have over 15 Twysted Yarn and Newbie Noggins (my baby line) items in this giveaway, but I've paired numerous vendors who are generously giving away FABULOUS items from their shops including items like 
ties for little men, toddler apron and chef hat set, boutique headbands, 
notecards, gift cards, bracelets, couture clothing, and more!

To spread the love and reduce the amount of pages you'll have to visit daily, I've broken up this HUGE giveaway into mini daily giveaways.  Each day, I'll pair one or two of my own items with one or two other vendors' items.  I'll try to create a consistent theme for the day so that you're able to find items you truly love and have a better chance at winning those particular items.  

Which also means, there will be lots of winners throughout the giveaway. Lets be honest.  Who likes a giveaway where only ONE winner comes away with it ALL?  It's so much more fun to think 
there's a chance for MANY to win SOMETHING!!

Be sure to visit daily for your chance to win!!  Tomorrow's giveaway will start at 8:00 A.M. EST. 

See ya' then!

The New and Improved Twysted Yarn

Many of you have been with me since Day 1 of Twysted Yarn.  You were my first Facebook fans (now "likers"), you shopped with me before the inception of my Etsy shop, you were around when I launched my site (currently under construction), and you saw the birth of Newbie Noggins.  And through all the changes and growth, I neglected my blog and lost a bit of my business identity.  That was, until my dear friend Michelle from The Momma Bird inspired me to make some changes and overhauled my blog, Etsy banner, and is currently working on my new site.

I'm beyond thrilled to introduce you to the new and improved Twysted Yarn, photography props and accessories handcrafted with <3.  Now that I'm not ashamed by my blog but rather in love with it, I hope to use it to drive my business, hosting giveaways, spotlighting other vendors and guest bloggers, and featuring free tips and patterns for fellow hookers.  (Speaking of giveaways, be sure to check back on Monday for my HUGE 5000 Fans Giveaway!)  

Keep in mind that my blog just went live today, so you're looking at a skeleton of what it will become.  I'd love to hear your feedback.  What do you think of the new look?  What would you like to see on my blog?  What patterns?  What crochet tips?  Giveaways?  And please, check in with Michelle at The Momma Bird if you're in need of your own design inspiration or help.  She's fabulous to work with, and be sure to tell her I sent ya!