5000 Fans Giveaway--LONG Overdue

Thanks so much for your patience while I was on maternity leave. I know you were dying for me to start this giveaway.  And I promised it would be huge.  

And so it is.

Not only do I have over 15 Twysted Yarn and Newbie Noggins (my baby line) items in this giveaway, but I've paired numerous vendors who are generously giving away FABULOUS items from their shops including items like 
ties for little men, toddler apron and chef hat set, boutique headbands, 
notecards, gift cards, bracelets, couture clothing, and more!

To spread the love and reduce the amount of pages you'll have to visit daily, I've broken up this HUGE giveaway into mini daily giveaways.  Each day, I'll pair one or two of my own items with one or two other vendors' items.  I'll try to create a consistent theme for the day so that you're able to find items you truly love and have a better chance at winning those particular items.  

Which also means, there will be lots of winners throughout the giveaway. Lets be honest.  Who likes a giveaway where only ONE winner comes away with it ALL?  It's so much more fun to think 
there's a chance for MANY to win SOMETHING!!

Be sure to visit daily for your chance to win!!  Tomorrow's giveaway will start at 8:00 A.M. EST. 

See ya' then!

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