Happy Anniversary to Me

So today is my 5th wedding anniversary, and I'm married to the best man I know. I so often take him for granted and become self-centered. As a stay-at-home-mom, I easily slip into a "woe is me" mentality because I have to "deal with the kids" all day. In reality, we have the two most beautiful children on this earth and have such deep joy and love as a result of them. Not only that, but I married a man who is an incredible daddy. I love that my kids light up when he gets home from work...that they choose him over me when he gets home. That he puts everything on hold until after bedtime so that he can play, play, play. That he's not afraid to get his hands dirty and gets right in there with bath time, bed time, and even those dirty diapers. And that he loves me in spite of me. So here's to my love, my parenting partner, my best friend. Happy Anniversary!

And since I'm feeling so loved today, I'm going to share the love with you. I'm giving you a choice of what you want to win. Below I've posted 3 items...a Lauren Headwrap (size: women's), a Harper Beanie (size: choice of newborn-adult), and The Coastal Knotty Top Beanie (size 0-3 months). Post a comment of which item you would like to win. I will draw a winner tonight and post the winner on my Facebook page.

CONTEST OVER...winner has been determined. Thanks for participating!!

Talk It Up Tuesday

I am so fortunate to work with a some amazingly talented photographers. My main girl is Erin Hoffman (pictured above in my Plum Blended Beanie) at Erin Photography. Not only has she captured beautiful pictures of my work, she's also a friend and from my hometown. Of course, she has taken beautiful pictures of my kids, Bear and Lila, as well, many that you've seen featured here. And to be completely honest, Twysted Yarn never would have made it off the ground without her encouragement, support, and guidance.

This first year in business has been a huge learning curve, but probably the number one thing I've learned is that I need professional photographers to help showcase my work, and they have to be people I trust. These photographers that I share with you in the next few weeks are women whose work speaks for itself. I am also proud to say that they are all local (Indiana) photographers, so if you need someone in Northern/Central Indiana, these are the women to contact.

So now, enough of my babbling. Let me share some of Erin's work with you.

Erin, thanks so much for all the work you've done for Twysted Yarn. I cherish our friendship and the work you do so much and look forward to many more years of partnering with you!!

Show It Sunday

On Sundays, I'd like to share with you products in the works or new items that are coming to my shop or have recently been added. Today, I'd like to share my Harper Beanie. Sarah-Beth Photography captured this beautiful image of her daughter modeling one of these beanies. They are the PERFECT Easter hat for girls of all ages and sizes and can be made in sizes newborn-adult. And now for your viewing pleasure.