From the beginning my aim has been to keep my prices fair. Fair to my customers, fair to me, and fair to my family.

Fair to my customers. Most of us won't go shopping for a hat or beanie and pay more than $15-$20 for it, so why would I outrpice myself so much and ask that of my customers. While using quality materials, I figure the cost of materials, shipping, shipping materials (bubble-lined mailers are not cheap), Etsy fees (my online shop), and Paypal fees. Depending on what I'm making, those fees alone can add up to $7.

Fair to me. It takes anywhere from 1-3 hours to make a hat. Needless to say, after subtracting the cost to make, post, sell, and ship an item, my hourly rate is pretty sad. I could make more working at McDonald's (but a double cheeseburger isn't nearly as beautiful as a flapper beanie!).

Fair to my family. As noted above, it takes me anywhere from 1-3 hours to make a hat and that time comes in my "free" time. But lets be honest. Moms and wives don't get free time. Free time comes with a cost: guilt. We feel bad that we aren't doing someone's laundry, paying bills, cooking dinner, etc.

So pricing hats between $15-$22 is about the only way I can see to be fair in all three areas. I'm shocked at the number of sellers/crocheters on Etsy who sell their items for $25-$30 and are SUCCESSFUL! I mean thousands of sales! (One seller that I follow just listed a metal headband w/ a crocheted flower for $18, and she has over 2000 sales in her shop!!! For Pete's sake, maybe I am going about it all wrong!)

I'm working on streamlining my items and their prices, so when there's an official price list, I'll post it for ya. Until then, happy shopping!


  1. I'm right there with ya. I try to keep my prices "FAIR"... I want to make a little profit, but $30 for a hat is a little much... unless you're crocheting it out of gold... then we'll talk.

  2. It's hard because some people automatically assume that you're making a killing but all things considered, we barely come out on top.