Striking Gold

As an Etsy artisan and seller, I am, of course, obssessed with other "Etsians" and their shops. I love seeing the talent, creativity, and ingenuity of people and am always blown away when I spend time perusing. Of course, I usually come away poorer from the experience because I can't help but shop a little, too.

My favorite shops to visit are none other than crochet shops. I came across "CinnamonYarn" the other day and was struck by the beauty and intricacy of her creations. I mean, lets be honest. My stuff is a dime a dozen. There are hundreds of shops doing the same stuff I'm doing. In fact, right now as I search "crocheted hat" on Etsy, 51,743 items meet those search requirements. Now, are they all of the same quality as what I make? Probably not. Are they as cute or lovely? Some of them yes. But every now and then you come across something and know you've struck gold. Nani (the name behind CinnamonYarn) has done just that. Her items are unique and fabulous.

Not only are her crocheted creations to die for, but Nani runs several other shops on Etsy, one being BlossomsCottage (Handmade Fabric Bags and Purse Organizer Inserts). Her items there are also orginal and very reasonably priced. I've got my eye on a few of them!

So the next time you're wanting to do a little Etsy browsing, I highly recommend checking out Nani's stores. You won't be disappointed.

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